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Cradle of Life Adoption Agency Blog

  • "Birthmom to Birthmom"

    You're probably here looking for support, because you don't know where else to run to, so you're looking into every blog post or experience you can ...
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  • "I never expected to feel this way"

    “I never expected to feel this way” This is one of the most common statements we hear in the wake of an adoption placement and throughout the adoption ...
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  • My Adoption Story-Adoptee

    This is my adoption story as an infant adoptee from a voluntary adoption agency. I preface with that sentence as I believe it explains why I feel the ...
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  • "Our Greatest Gift, Becoming Moms"

    If we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing. We started dating in the mid-2000’s. At that time, two females dating was not ...
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  • Experiences of an Adoption Placement Coordinator

    As we will be asking past clients to share their stories we feel it is only fair that we also share our stories as well. This is mine. As a placement ...
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  • Why and When Cradle of Life Was Formed

    As we will be sharing stories of past clients and hopeful clients in the series, we find it is only fitting to first share the story of why and when ...
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