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Cradle of Life Adoption Agency Blog

  • Matching Process

    The match made between adoptive and birth family is one of the most important aspects of adoption. We not only look at the match between the birth and ...
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  • Level of Contact

    A very common question asked in the first meeting with an expectant or adoptive parent is what are the different types of adoption and what kind of ...
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  • The Expectant/Already Birthed Parent Adoption Journey

    When taking a pregnancy test most people are hoping for one result or the other. When that result comes up a thousand thoughts start filtering in. For ...
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  • My Adoption Story-Adoptee

    This is my adoption story as an infant adoptee from a voluntary adoption agency. I preface with that sentence as I believe it explains why I feel the ...
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  • Adoptive Parents: Where Do I Start?

    The question of how to start the adoption process is one that every Adoptive Family has at the beginning of their journey. With all of the different ...
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  • "Our Greatest Gift, Becoming Moms"

    If we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing. We started dating in the mid-2000’s. At that time, two females dating was not ...
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  • What Is An Adoption Agency?... and What Services Do They Provide?

    There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings in the adoption world. One of the most misunderstood concepts is that of what an adoption agency ...
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  • Experiences of an Adoption Placement Coordinator

    As we will be asking past clients to share their stories we feel it is only fair that we also share our stories as well. This is mine. As a placement ...
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