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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Questions from Adoptive Parents

  • How long does it take for a baby to be placed with us?
    Generally 9 to 18 months from approval of your formal adoption application, although, in some circumstances it can happen much faster.
  • Can the Expectant Parent change her mind about the adoption?
    Yes, she can change her mind until she signs the relinquishment paperwork. This usually happens 48 to 72 hours after the child is born, once those documents are signed she can no longer change her mind.
  • What can I know about our child?
    In many cases, quite a lot. We attempt to obtain a thorough and comprehensive health, social, education, and genetic history on the birthparents, when possible. We also attempt to obtain testing for HIV, STD's, and illegal drugs.
  • Who exactly are you working for?
    We are always focused on the child's best interest, in ever case. Matching children with a caring home is Cradle of Life Adoption Agency’s top priority.
  • How does adopting through an agency compare to adopting through an attorney?
    Licensed agencies are able to provide more services to adoptive parents and birthparents. Non-licensed individuals involved in the adoption process may be committing a crime in Texas when they match a couple and a Expectant Parent. They may also be committing a felony in Texas if they provide the Expectant Parent with any financial aid, other than necessary medical and legal expenses. Generally, there is less financial and emotional risk for the adoptive couple when adopting through a licensed agency. When working with Cradle of Life Adoption Agency, they will continue to facilitate the relationship between the birth parent, adoptive parent, and child throughout the child's life.
  • Can we specify the sex of the child we adopt?
    You must be willing to accept either gender. It may be normal to want a particular sex just as you may have that wish if you first learned you were pregnant, but if your Expectant Parent chooses you, we don't put her in the position of having to choose another family if she gives birth to the other sex.
  • What does adoption cost?
    Please contact us for fee information. The fee is partly based on the birth parent's need for housing, counseling and medical treatment. This is subject to change. The home study fee is $2,500.

Frequent Questions from Birth Parents

  • What if I'm not sure whether I want to place my child for adoption?
    Contact us, we’ll discuss your options, answer your questions and help you make an informed decision. You won't be contacted unless and until you are ready. Your contact with us will be strictly confidential.
  • When should I contact the adoption agency?
    It is never too late or too early. If your child is already born, we can work with you on an accelerated basis to make your adoption plans. If you have just learned you are pregnant and want to explore your options, we can provide you with information to help you make your decision.
  • Should I call an adoption agency or place my child directly with someone I locate myself?

    Cradle of Life Adoption Agency can provide many more services for you than individuals in the adoption process. It is illegal in Texas for non-agencies to provide you with any financial assistance, such as housing or other living expenses, regardless of how much assistance you need.

    Families who apply to adopt with Cradle of Life Adoption Agency must successfully complete a thorough screening process. You will have the confidence that your child will be placed with a stable, loving family.

    Individuals who advertise in the paper or who might be a friend of a friend may not have been thoroughly investigated. Sometimes you can't "judge a book by its cover." The investigation may reveal things that could be very important about the stability or character of someone, which isn't readily apparent otherwise. You are entrusting someone with your child. You deserve that level of confidence.

  • Do I get to choose the family for my baby?
    Yes, you may review "profiles" of various adoptive families to assist you in your decision.
  • Can I meet the family?
    Yes, if you desire. The time of the meeting will depend on the adoptive plan you and the agency develop.
  • Can I have contact with my child after the adoption?
    Again, yes, if you desire. The extent of the contacts, and whether you want letters, photos, or actual visits, will depend on the adoption plan you and the agency develop.
  • What if I change my mind?
    We want your decision to be made when you are ready. You will not be allowed to sign any permanent legal papers until your baby is at least 48 hours old. That means you have at least two days to consider your decision. Once you do sign, it is permanent and irrevocable.
  • Do my parents have to sign anything in order for me to place my child for adoption?
    No, not unless they have had actual legal custody of your child.
  • Will I have to appear in Court?
    No, unless in the rare occasion the birthfather has attempted to disrupt your adoption plan
  • When will my child actually go to the new home?
    In most cases, immediately upon discharge from the hospital.

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