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Why Should I Work With An Adoption Agency?

Many parents and prospective parents think they can go through the adoption process alone. However, this could lead to a range of legal complications that may haunt your family down the road. At Cradle of Life Adoption Agency, we are a small Texas agency that provides one-on-one service to every single person we interact with. Our goal is to make the adoption process as painless as possible for birth parents and adoptive parents, helping you take the first step to your family's next chapter.

Birth Parents

An adoption agency can provide a birth parent with many services while they are pregnant and after they have the child. These include:

  • Legal advice
  • Counseling
  • Transportation
  • Access to good medical care
  • Choice of an adoptive family for the child
  • Financial help when necessary (living expenses, groceries, gas, etc.)

Agencies provide guidance throughout the adoption process, and it can in fact be very risky to go without an agency. Legal risks may be involved, and if an attorney is not working with the birth family and the adoption is not finalized in the court, there may be no oversight of the family the child is being placed with.

All of our families undergo background checks, financial records checks, vet records checks, medical screenings, home studies, adoption training, newborn training and full interviews before they can even be considered for our list. If a birth mother is not working with an agency, they will not have this guarantee that the family they are placing their child with is who they say they are.

Adoptive Parents

There are so many reasons an adoptive parent should work with an adoption agency. The biggest reason is that we provide guidance and a hand to hold throughout the adoption process. The adoption process can be hard, long and confusing and our agency is here to take all of that on.

Our agency takes care of all the hard work, protecting your family from the struggles that may occur in an adoption placement situation. We take care of the legal and financial details, as well as emotional matters such as the communication and relationship with the birth parents.

By working with an agency, adoptive parents have the assurance of knowing we are taking care of everything they might not want to take care of so that they can just enjoy the experience and bond with their child.

Communication Is Always Free — We Are Available 24/7

As adoptive parents ourselves, this is our passion. We offer counseling, free of charge, forever for any birth parent or adoptee, as well as 24/7 transportation, phone consultations. Every part of the adoption triad will always have access to a Cradle of Life Adoption Agency employee if they need any questions answered or just need someone to talk to. Updates and pictures for birth parents are a guarantee and all adoptive families have to be willing to provide these for the child's life.

We can also provide help with future schooling for birth mothers, including helping them to receive their GED, or helping with financial aid for continued education.

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